The Floater (2022) 

The Floater (2022) is a 8-min multi-sensory VR experience I colloborated with Caren (Wenqin) Ye in 2022 winter. It involves simulations of participant’s visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile senses in order to experience the life of a floater in the eye immersively.

Based on the anatomy of the eye ball, we took an actual 3D eye model and built a world on top of it. The entire sky box is also re-texturized to be as bloodshot.

World  Building in UE Based On the Anatomy of Eyeball

The entire experience follows a storyline with various multisensory elements embedded in different incidents as the "floater" experiences them. Besides visual and audio stimulus, this VR experience also incorporates scent and haptics with the use of a SUBPAC haptic suit.

Floater VR Design Plan Summery

Team Member: Caren Ye