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The Circus

The Circus (2022)
Unreal Designer + Developer
Unreal 4 | Mixamo 

The Circus (2022) was initially inspired by the photography work by Zhong Lin (shown below).

Inspiration (Image by Zhong Lin)

Pre-visualization on a sketch

I used running animations from the Mixamo and applied cables when two avatars running across each other.

Both mannequion model and annimation from Mixamo

While running, avatars will also be linked with a cable component (Center); Testing with destructible mesh (right)

I experimented both applying cable component to the actor blueprint and creating destructible meshes.

One of the challenge in this project is to make cables appear only when two avatars pass each other. 

To achieve this, I pre-linked all cables to avatar’s body sockets; set them all hidden in the beginning. Then, I wrote a condition to test if two are overlapping; if the “overlapping” is true, cables will show off.