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2. P.L.S

P.L.S (2022)
AR Designer + Developer
Adobe Aero | Illustrator | After Effects | Photoshop

“Who are we exactly in this digitalized world?”

To answer this question, we start by thinking about how we actually perceive information nowadays. We think that “packaging/loading” goods in a manufactory company is a good metaphor of how we receive and generate information.

P.L.S (2022), as an AR installation, will not only be a visual manifesto, but also a record of our own thinking process.

      We are bombarded by all kinds of information;        
      We are blinded by fake news;                              
      We sniff the smell of gossip;                                   
      We are the consumers;                                   
      yet, we are also being consumed.              

We simulated this box factory in AR. Audiences are encouraged to approach each box to interact and even listen to them. As our installation represents the idea of packaging and labeling; the final step -- shipping, will be accomplished by audience, who will carry their own thoughts when they leave this installation.