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Fractured Vision

Fractured Vision (2023)
Level Designer + Animator 
Unreal | C4D | MaxMsp | SVN

Fractured Vision (2023) is a physical and visual experience with a combination of storytelling, game engine, and engineering to create a thrilling and immersive experience for guest.

The ride vehicles, the virtual track systems, animatronics, and audios are all carefully orchestrated to transport guests to different worlds and create a sense of adventure.

Avatar Design

Lucien is a 27-year-old American expatriate living in Berlin who is struggling to find neither job or meaning in his life. He often feels disconnected and lost, yearning for something more, but always ends up resorting to drugs and alcohol to escape his reality. He’s trapped in the loop of constantly grappling with the consequences of his actions and the toll that his lifestyle is taking on him, which is like the Parallelism designed in this ride experience.

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Fractured Vision (2023) includes in total three stages: Red Room - Liminal Space - Giant Avatar. I was mainly responsible for designing the Limminal Space and the giant avatar part. 

The story starts with Lucien woke up to a red room in diskont, a techno club in Berlin, hallucinated and intoxicated. The sounds of the rowdy crowd echoing in his ears. As he struggled to move, he realized that he was seated in a wheelchair with massive leg pain. He was in a fractured form in every senses. This ride experience thus started with his sudden urge of finding water and bathroom.

Water Room

In the Water Room scene, Lucien enters a bizarre room filled with water in his second attempt to find a bathroom and water source. As he enters, his eyes are drawn to a mysterious green light in the water, with an eary vocal humming around him. Initially frightened, he gathered up the courage to call out for anyone present and ask for directions. Following the green light, he eventually arrives at a window pane and catches a glimpse of a giant avatar passing by. It becomes clear to Lucien that something is not quite right in this space, and he quickly exits the club following the exit sign.

Avatar Design in C4D

In the final scene, which is outside the door. He finally saw the whole view of the giant avatar and got captured. At last, he was jolted back to reality, with a newfound sense of sobriety. Lucien was reborn, on a toilet.

Final Scene

Sending UE Camera data to the physical ride machine via OSC and MAXMsp

This ride experience sends real-time Unreal Camera data to the ride simulator in Navy Yard via OSC and MaxMsp. The following video demostrates the rider point of view and play tests in the end.