Flower (2023)


Environmental Artist • Unreal Operator

Flower (2023) is a virtual production project filmed using LED displays, accompanied by a 3D camera tracking system.

As an environmental artist, I built the open flower field from scratch, utilizing GAEA for landscape modeling and VDB clouds for real-time renderings.

Director: Tianying Chen
Producer: Huiqiu Sun
Unreal Artist: Keer Zhao, Tianyi Fang
Tech Director: Tianyi Fang
Production Designer: Man Su
Assistant Director: Shier Shen
Color by: Jiapeng Xiang, Tianyi Fang
Cast: Zihan Yu, Albert Hsueh
Script Supervisor: Yueru Sun
Director of Photography: Yuuki Shimizu 
First AC: Ruijie Jerry Wang
Second AC: Zixiang Wang&Tianyang Li
Editor: Tianying Chen 
Art Director: Caiyu Song
Chief Lighting Technician: Tianyi Peter Xue
Key Grip: Yongyu Pan
Grip: Zhaohan Shi 
Sound Editor: Tianying Chen
Post Sound Mixer: Tianying Chen
Make-Up: Zihan Yu
Digital Imaging Technician: Tianyi Fang
Production Assistants: Moxuan Zhou, Guancheng Feng

Shot At
the @wlab.xr virtual production stage.

Special Thanks

Wlab Innovation. Inc