Cambridge Fashion House (2022)


2022 MIT Hackthon “Moonshot Prize” Winning Project

“Six-feet apart” and rising xenophobic ideologies have changed how we live and interact today. Cambridge Fashion House project wants to create moments of harmony and connection between people who share a space or community and want to express themselves through fashion.

Why ?
We want to show how energies from people and their environments can come together and create moments of connection.

We used digital fashion assets because it is a great option for more eco-friendly ways to express oneself through clothing.


How ?
By capturing biometric and sensor information about your environment and emotional state, we’ll visualize social relationships and interactions using digital fashion and an immersive social environment.

Minting the digital pieces as proof of participation and behavior to capture moments of connection forever.


What ? 
Capturing moments of connection and self expression between friends, strangers and one’s environment.


General Task
Sensory inputs, interaction design, multi-user (magic leap) and digital fashion design.

UI Design Summary

User Flow

Team Member: Devon Kennedy, Koi Ren, Tavius Koktavy, Trey Bradley