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3. Bodycoaster


Bodycoaster (2022)
VR Designer + Developer
Unreal | Reality Capture | Substance Painter | Mixamo | TouchDesigner

Bodycoaster (2022) was a live performance I presented in the “Alter Ego” Show at the Garage of 370 Jay street, Brooklyn in December. This performance centers around introducing Lume, my alter ego.

Lume is an avatar made from the 3D scan of myself using Reality Capture and Mesh to MetaHuman feature in UE5.

Converting 4K footages into realisic 3D model in Reality Capture

Later, the skin texture was re-created in Substance Painter. In order to turn this live performance into a thrilling experience, rollercoaster tracks are placed all over Lume’s body so that the audience can experiencing riding on this “bodycoaster”.

Face Material
Body Material 

Before from the climax of “riding on the body” experience, the performance started with other abstract scenes.

Ocean blue and gradient red are two main colors for the scene

Puppets falls from the top

Audio reactive particle system

Avatar is surrounded by particles

This project uses real-time render from the camera in Unreal to TouchDesigner. At the meantime, TouchDesiger is analyzing the pitch of the audio to control the camera movement in Unreal.

Using Off World Livestream Toolkit

real-time render of the Cine Cam can be sent to TouchDesigner via Spout

The audio analyzer in TouchDesigner controlls the camera movements in UE5 via OSC
Blueprints for setting up OSC in UE5

The entire stage was covered in red lighting with a piece of long paper attached from the ceiling and covering the presence of myself. 

On stage

**Special thanks to Yufan Xie for producing the music “Forgive Me”.